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A Huge Range of LED Light Bars Sold at Factory Direct Prices to the Public, Full Installation Available

Our new Version MickeyBlu range of LED light bars come in many designs starting with our 40w single row 4 x 10watt 4000 lumen beam lights with under mount or side brackets. The next is our 80w single row 8 x 10 flood beam bulbs at 8000 lumens followed by our 120W Single row light bars with 12 x 10 w 12000-lumen bulbs, next is our 140w single row 14000 lumen, our 180w single row 18000 lumen and finally our 220w 22000 lumens all CREE LED Light Bulbs.
These Light Bars are our heaviest hitting light bar yet. The MickeyBlu model now maximum spot reflectors, which is twice the amount of the outgoing model! Also new to the MickeyBlu range of LED light bars in Midvale is our Military Grade Pressure Equalising Ventilation System (Eliminates condensation) Reduces the possibility of water ingress when operated in moist air, all while maintaining the LED light bars seal when completely submerged. MickeyBlu also offers a full slimline curved range starting from our 90w 9000 lumens, 120w 12000 lumens, 150w 15000 lumens and 180w 18000 lumens all beam coming with smaller stronger side brackets.
This series of single row CREE bars have far more penetration than any other double row in the market! If anyone is to buy a light bar, these are the two types anyone would buy today.
• The all come with Massive 35mm reflectors throw intense light at a 11 degree spot beam & 45 degrees from flood reflectors
• Fasteners supplied are 3 Series stainless steel suitable for salt water marine applications.
• Each light comes with Flood and Spot beam bulbs, Flood beam distribution with multiple bulbs for maximum spread across the road CREE is the only bulb you need to use.
• Installation is hassle-free mounting with sliding brackets makes it is easy to mount to existing holes. Lights come with under mount or side brackets as an optional mounting provision.
• Compatible with both positive and negative switching vehicles. All harnesses we use are of very high quality.
• Waterproof connectors.
• Integrated Rigid Alloy Primary Lens Protector.
• Tough GE Lexan primary lens which 250 times the impact resistant strength of glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic Polycarbonate.
• Guaranteed against electromagnetic (EMC) and radio frequency (RFI) interference.
We are so confident you will love this product, price, quality and performance, we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee and a no hassle 5 Year Genuine Australian Warranty.

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