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Going away FREE CAMPING??
MickeyBlu Australia has got all of your free camping power covered!
We are into showcasing the latest in portable power with the ever popular MickeyBlu 4kva Pure Sine Inverter Generator that is built and designed by Hyundai Korea.
Being the ultimate in powering all your caravan and camping needs, this 4KVA generator will safely run the Caravan Air Conditioner as well as power up all of your sensitive equipment such as your Portable Camping Fridges, LED TVs, Laptops, charge Mobile Phones and supply your entire camp with Pure Sine Wave power.
The MickeyBlu 4kva Generator comes with two 15 Amp plugs enabling you to plug your caravan straight into the Generator as well as run your everyday household electrical appliances when the power goes out at home such as TV’s, Refrigerators, Kettles, Washing Machines anything thing to get you through a blackout.
The MickeyBlu 4 KVA is your complete portable and backup power station.
Super quiet running, 56db at 7 metres (depending on the load) and up to 10 hours on a tank of fuel (depending on the load).
With 3 starting options, key start, pull start, and remote start up to 20 metres, starting the generator is a breeze for anyone in the family. No choke or priming required as the latest model now includes automatic priming and direct fuel injection, making starting as easy as turning the key.
Included within the package is the care pack which includes a fully pull over cover, spare spark plug and spark plug remover, oil bottle and oil changing tool and Philips head screwdriver Plus the convenience of an 8.3 amp battery charger built in for charging your 12-volt batteries.
All MickeyBlu camping generators in Western Australia come fully tested and oiled ready to go, just add the unleaded and you are ready to take off.
The MickeyBlu 4Kva Hyundai built Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generators is your ultimate backup power in a blue box.
MickeyBlu also stocks a wide range of Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generators suitable for the casual camper, camper trailers, boaties and tradies to food vans and 5th wheelers. Ranging from the smaller MickeyBlu Hyundai built 1.6 KVA right up to the powerful industrial standard 7KVA.
All of our generators come from the factory direct to you while saving you hundreds if not thousands off the normal retail prices by cutting out the middleman!
Our generators are all backed up with 12 months warranty with all parts kept in our workshop making the servicing your generator a breeze.
Our team is always more than willing to answer all of your concerns and questions regarding you camping power needs and will run through with you all of your options and give you honest straight up answers to what is suitable to FREE CAMPING power while you are off on the beaten track.
We also offer competitive rates on freight to anywhere in the country. Come in and see us for a demonstration on one of our popular MickeyBlu Hyundai built generators at 1/5 Farrall Road Midvale Perth or give us a call on 08 9274 0661
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