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Why wait till Summer ..Come and get all your 12v fixed solar panels installed NOW .The first 50 people will get a FREE 10 OR 20AMP SOLAR CONTROLLER .

Plus installed for free..Just pay for the Panel and the cable.. all labour from my team NO CHARGE.

Planning on escaping the cold and going away for a holiday in your Caravan, Transit van, On top of the 4wd roof rack, Camper trailer ,Boats even horse floats we can install a 12v or 24v fixed solar panel through a regulator straight to your batteries to run all your 12v/24v and 240w appliances.

A great deal on offer this month at MickeyBlu Midvale come and see my team this MONTH and get your fixed solar panels purchased at MickeyBlu INSTALLED FOR FREE.

We are your ONE STOP FREE CAMPING SHOP also offering Bosch or Fusion Deep cycle 100ah/ 120ah batteries and a hugh range of Pure sine wave inverters.

WE BUY FACTORY DIRECT…. And pass on the saving to you.

All Panels are BRAND NEW including a hugh range of Portable Foldable Solar Panel kits, and now trickle feed 10w and 20w solar panels for every battery application you have .

With such a large range of portable solar panel kits and fixed solar panel kits including our latest 120w foldable matts we have you covered.

Our latest Portable design comes with a 5 or 9m, 8 guage cable connected to an andersen plug and seperate andersen plug-alligator clips to cover both applications.

Using German technology these panel are not only very strong, sturdy, with solid brackets, a 10 amp MPPT battery indicator- solar controller to supply/protect the battery.

These will work in full shade. using Bypass Diodes ideal for any overcast conditions, still giving you what you require.

The portable panels come with a very thick waterproof bag, shoulder strap, manual.

25 years warranty on the tempered glass and 5 years offer on the controller.

With solar just plug directly into the battery using the andensen plug or seperate alligator clips, running your led camp lights,12v/240v fridges,Pure sine wave inverters and walk away, no need to chase the uv rays throughout the day.

Using solar panels is very simple much easier then people expect, once we know what you want to power and how many batteries or dont have , we can recommend the panel kit you need.. simple.

Our range starts from at 12v

120w bi fold $339.

120w foldable matts $699

140w bi fold $395

160w bi fold $499

180w bi fold $500

180w tri fold 3 panels $549

240w trifold 3 panels.$599

Our Fixed Panels From (Including a 10amp/20amp controller

40w $90

80w $199

100w $249

120w $299

130w $349

140w $399

150w $429

200w $499

250w $549

300w $599

We also stock all your solar panel mounting brackets and 10 amp. 20 amp and 30 amp solar controllers/regulators.

At prices set to sell give us a call today and enjoy the free quiter energy.

NEW ARRIVAL….. SHADE TOLERANT 10 WATT $79.95 AND 20 WATT $99.95 Trickle charging panels

Drop by our store at 1/5 Farrall Road Midvale

Find us online Mickeyblu australia

call 08 9274 0661

AH 0438 929 894

Fixed Solar panels can be installed for all Caravan. 4wd, Suv installation is also available at 75p/h.If you dont buy the panels from us.

130w ideal fore caravans

MickeyBlu Australia’s Next shipment of BRAND NEW Roof top tents has arrived instore.


FOR $1595.00 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

FOR $1895.00 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

– 2.5 x 2 meter Awning.

FOR $1999.00 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

– 2.5 x 2 meter Awning.

– Mosquito Net for Awning

FOR $2100.00 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

– Change Room for Awning

PLUS…. an Aluminium camping table and two camping chairs FREE plus FREE installation on all rooftop tents to your 4WD.

Outdoor gear, portable power sources & roof top tents

Mickey Blu is Western Australian company operating out of Unit 1 / 5 Farrall road Midvale, we offer a wide range of outdoor goods for all your camping needs. Aussies love adventure and the great outdoors, and when you have a wealth of beautiful and rugged camping and outdoor adventures to enjoy, you want the right equipment and gear. That’s where we come in.

In addition to camping we stock a large variety of products suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

Our products include:

Check out our specials page and contact us for a variety of amazingly priced products, suitable for homes, businesses and recreational use, designed to make your life as comfortable and convenient as possible.

MickeyBlu supplies an assortment of individuals and clubs with gear and equipment including supplying portable power to sports and motor clubs, market stall holders, families going away with their camper trailers and locals who live in the hills and are tired of relying on WA power for their home’s energy needs.

We take great pride in catering to all budgets and needs and set our prices accordingly. Whether you’re at home in a power outage or camping under the stars, we have all that you need to provide a reliable portable power source. This will ensure you have lights at your evening BBQ, that you enjoy cold beers in the remote outback and that you sleep comfortably in your roof top tent.

As a local company we are well known in the community, we use our own products and test them all before putting them on the shelf.  People like to buy products from a company they trust and our many returning customers is a testimony to the excellent and reliable products and personal service that we provide.

Why buy from us?

  • High quality, affordable products
  • Honesty and integrity
  • 98% dispatch within 24 hours
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% product warranty
  • 30-day back money guarantee
  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff

Every item you purchase from us comes with a personal contact detailed vinyl sticker (warranty card) attached with direct call details Australia-wide.

For more information call Mick direct or his friendly customer service staff on (08) 927 40661 or 0438 929 894, contact us or visit our store at Unit 1, No 5 Farrall Road, Midvale, WA 6056.