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180w 3 panel folding Portable solar panel set all inclusive. Buy this item through our secure paypal online, or instore.


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Just landed another great portable solar panel, all the power you need at your finger tips use the suns rays to charge all your appliances through your deep cycle battery, car battery.

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SKU: GP-3F-Solar180W
G&P 180W 3 Folding Solar Panel
A portable power source for the 21st century.

A day is coming when noisy, fume-belching portable generators will seem like those old, toaster-sized portable phones. These folding panels are a glimpse at tomorrow’s portable power: efficient, easy to carry, durable and 100% silent.

  • Portable panels absorbs maximum sunlight with latest mono-crystalline cell technology
  • Built-in protection from overcharging
  • Extra-long ten metre cable
  • Australia certified: C-Tick, CE, E-Mark, ROHS
  • Aluminium anodized frame with corner protectors
  • Hail-resistant, tempered glass covering
  • Remarkable 25-year output warranty
The solar industry’s come a long way in a short time. Our panels use the latest cell technology, meaning you get the maximum level of light absorption, at a minimum price.
At 10 meters, our cable is twice the length of our competitors. Other accessories include safety fasteners, a carry handle, corner protectors and a water-resistant carry bag.
G&P sleek design uses mono-crystalline cells which are more efficient due to the fact that its solar cells are the smallest and it absorbs more light compared to polycrystalline cells.
Material:Mono-Crystalline Panel
Frame Colour:Silver
Max Power:60W (Each Panel)
Max Power Voltage:14V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):17.5V
Open Circuit Current (Isc):13.72A
Max System Voltage:1000V
Max Power Current (Imp):12.86A
Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT):45 /- 3°C
Application Class:15A
Cell Efficiency:≧18%
Module Efficiency:≧18%
Recommended Batteries (Not Included):12V
Cable Length:10m
Carton Dimension:74cm(L) x 71cm(W) x 15cm(H)
Gross Weight:23.2Kg
Product Dimension (Folded):675 x 620 x 105mm
Product Dimension (Open):2025 x 620 x 35mm
Net Weight:19.5kg
1x 180W 3 Fold Mono-Crystalline Panel
1x user manual
1x 10m Cable with Alligator Clamps
1x Durable Carry Bag
  1. Heavy duty ABS handle
  2. Heavy duty steel safety fasteners
  3. Heavy duty Aluminum fold support legs
  4. Automatic SMART solar change controller with LED (Green/Yellow) indicators
  5. 10m cable extending from the controller
  6. Hinges
  7. Solar panel junction box
  8. Connected cable between the left solar panel and the controller
  9. Connected cable between the right solar panel and the controller

Mono-Crystalline silicon solar panels with heavy duty anodised aluminium frame.
This is our very last panel available, come in today and grab a bargain!