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When it comes to buying a Generator going away camping or even running your homes power there are things we all find very important before making a purchase.

Firstly RELIABILITY, How do I know this generator is going to work each time every time, We ensure that is the case by using a Hyundai Japanese inverter circuit board made by robot to remove any human errors giving you the (electrical power) no inverter no power.

Secondly Hyundai engines are today well built and each engine water tested firstly for air bubbles sealing the engine so as not to leak any oil ready to go.

Thirdly every single component is built in house to ensure quality control by not out sourcing any components.Unlike on Ebay generators where every part is outsourced with no quality control.

Fourthly, Every unit whilst being assembled in the factory is tested 4 times through out the production process to ensure work ability.

Lastly my team in Midvale WA once all generators are recieved are then run in again adding the 15w 40 oil, a full inspection of the unit, connecting the 12v 5 amp battery , testing the remote controls again, pull starting and key starting functions to make sure none get through that haven’t been fully tested to work for you.


Going away Free camping with your caravan wanting to run the Air- conditioner , then this 4kva sourced from the very same factory that builds Hyundai Korea is what you need, with so much extra power at 3200w constant you can turn more appliances on than off.

When it comes to FREE CAMPING, we all want to camp in peace and tranquility, with the convenience of portable, reliable, power-at-hand with the worlds quietest generator. Producing a mere 57dB at a distance of seven metres. Noise is a major factor when it comes to camping, that is why a 4kva not a 2kva is much better so it’s noise wont annoy any other campers.

Designed with convenience in mind, the MickeyBlu Pure Sinewave utilizes Japanese inverter technology, to provide all of your power requirements in one lightweight, portable package. Weighing in at just 33KG, the 4 stroke Pure Sinewave also comes with  a pull out trolley for added convenience. What’s more, it comes with Electric Start (with Pull Start Back Up) as well as remote control. Simply press the grey remote button twice from up to 50 metres away and the MickeyBlu Pure Sinewave will have you up and running in seconds!

Jam packed with fantastic features, the  Sinewave also features a backlit LCD Display allowing you to monitor the amperage, voltage, wattage, running time, as well as oil warning light and NOW a fuel gauge monitor. Built tough the MickeyBlu Pure Sinewave has been manufactured from the strongest ABS plastic and stainless steel and is sourced from the same factory as Hyundai . Ultimate dependability is ensured, as well as readily available spare parts.

Max Rated Output: 3700w

Continuous Rated Output: 3200W with 13 amps start up to a max of 3700 watts peak power.

Max/ Peak Power: is the “Start Up” power that a generator can produce for a short amount of time (usually less than 30 seconds). This value is quoted to you to better determine which generator is suitable for your needs when connecting appliances that have an initial ‘in rush’ power draw such as compressors and other electric motors.
Harness power at your fingertips whenever you need it with this digital inverter generator. Powered by a 157cc motor, this inverter generator has a max power of 3700 watts with an easy recoil, electric start with remote.

Trolley design for ease of use, you can run a wide variety of electrical devices from power-tools to household appliances. And if that isn’t enough, this generator is super silent, so you can keep working without hassling the neighbours.


MickeyBlu Model 4000kva INVERTER GENERATOR

  • AC Voltage: 240V 50Hz
  • Max. Output: 3700 watts
  • Rated Output: 3200 watts
  • Output Type: 2x240v 10/15Amp plug attachment
  • DC Output: 12V – 8.3A
  • Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4 stroke, OHV, gasoline engine
  • Engine Displacement: 157cc
  • Engine Max. Output: 3.2KW/5500rpm
  • Fuel: Regular unleaded petrol (95/98 UNLEADED)

  • Fuel tank capacity: 5.1L metal tank

  • Rated continuous operation: 7-8 hrs per tank under light load, Full mode 6 hrs

  • Oil Type: SAE 15w40 semi synthetic

    Fully synthetic oil is required.

  • Oil Capacity: 550ml

  • Noise Level at 7m: 57db



  • 100% Pure Sinewave Output – The same as your household supply!
  • Australian approved dual weather proof 240v 10amp/15Amp 2 outlets
  • Powers everything including sensitive electronics 100% safe!
  • 12V DC 8.3Amp Outlet including BONUS battery charging leads
  • Digital overload / tip over protection
  • 5 Litre fuel capacity with 7-8 hrs continuous running time depending on the power draw of appliances
  • Super Easy Recoil Start
  • 2 Minute Service / Oil Change,oil extender included
  • Super Quiet – only 57Db@7m
  • SGS and Australian C-Tick Approvals


  • 1 x GE • Leads
  • 1 x User Manual • Weight: 32kgs
  • PACKAGE SIZE & WEIGHT Package: 520 long x285 wide x495m
  • MickeyBlu Manual
  • Small maintance toolkit
  • Canvas waterproof bag
  • Fully oiled and tested before taken.

MickeyBlu 4kva Pure sine wave stockist list

MickeyBlu Australia
1/5 Farrall Road Midvale WA 08 92740661

Downunder RV
100 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah WA 6210 (08) 9534 9466

Downunder RV’s – Geraldton
2 Gray Street Geraldton, WA 6530 Phone (08) 9921 8731

A1 Caravans Midland :
Clayton Street & Military Road, Midland WA 6056 08) 9274 2964

ABBA Caravans
8 Ambrose St, Rockingham WA 6168 (08) 9529 2777

Wangaratta caravans
56-58 Parfitt Rd Wangaratta, VIC 3677 Phone (03) 5721 8796

Brisbane Waters Caravans
4 Bowen Cresent West Gosford, NSW 2250 Phone (02) 4339 9599

Adelaide City caravans Adelaide SA 0439 177 676
7 Ferry Avenue Melrose Park, SA 5039

Batavia Coast Caravans 215 Flores Rd, Geraldton WA 6530 08 99231601

Townsville RV
29-33 Duckworth Street, Garbutt
Townsville , QLD 4814 07 47253329

Coffs Harbour RVs
4 Collison Pl, North Boambee Valley Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450 Phone 0437 580 242 Ph (02) 6652 9701

Caravans are Us
176-180 Bellarine Hwy, Newcomb VIC 3219
Hours: Open today · 8:30am–5pm
03 5248 5115

Solar 2 camp 90 Archer Street, Woodford QLD 4514.
Phone:- 07 54229771

Newage caravans Newcastle 2 Birraba Ave, Beresfield NSW 2322 (02) 4966 4422

Newage caravans Sydney 97 Glossop St, North St Marys NSW 2760 (02) 9623 1120

Comfort caravans 45 Snook St, Clontarf QLD 4019 (07) 3284 0902

George Day caravans 1950 Albany Hwy, Maddington WA 6109 9493 5557

We’ve sold thousands of these Units Australia Wide…

When it comes to buying a generator there are many factor we all want to know before we purchase a generator for FREE CAMPING in the caravan no powered sites required.
Starting from the most common question How loud is the generator, 56db at 5m
How heavy is the generator 33kg
How makes the generator , We here at MickeyBlu Australia get them built in the very same factory that makes Hyundai Korea.
How big is the tank petrol capacity 5 litre.STAINLESS STEEL NOT PLASTIC
How long will that run for, always depending on the load around 6-7 hrs.
What oil do we use 15 w 40 semi synthteic. Change at 20 hrs then every 100hrs or every 6 months.
What is the warranty offered, The factory offers us a 12 month warranty on all parts, excluding batteries.
What extra features do you get, A LCD Screen that shows all your drawing power including HZ, VOLTS, AMPS, MIN/HR METER,AND NOW A FUEL GUAGE LEVEL INDICATOR.
Remote start at 20 m away working thru tin and brick.
A back up pull start battery re charge system at 14.1 v
Key start function included.
How do they compare to a Honda , The 4kva is 2 times the power of the Honda EUI20 Giving you a constant 3200w power start up 3700 watts.
Comes with 2 x dual 10/15 amp plug attachments with square plug covers making them waterproof.
Will this run my Airconditioner, At a 4kva this unit will run any and all Air conditioners easily including the microwave Battery charging 240v, all your 12v appliances plus more .
Why are they only $1990 not $3999 or $4400 like other well known models at a 4kva output, We source FACTORY DIRECT and pass on the savings no middlemen.
Where can we get these serviced, We have a number of caravan dealers around the country and can direct you to where you are in the country.
Where can you get parts, As a stockist we have any and all parts in stock as you cant offer a warranty without parts.
Why cant we buy a diesel generator, Diesel is very loud very heavy and not suitable for camping purposes.
How can we contact you, 08 92740661
Do you ship Australia wide , Yes we send these units all over the country and have a list of dealers on this page.QLD VIC NSW WA SA

What else do we get with the generator, Every unit comes filled with 15w 40 oil pre tested run in, A full care package including a DC Cable 12v 8.3 amps, A spare spark plug, An oil adder or remover extender, A manual, A water proof dust proof bag, 2 x keys and 2 x remote controls, A spare battery fuse, A phillips head screw driver, A spark plug remover, A plastic oil bottle, And a free 17-18 inch tyre cover.

We now have service agents all over the country for any repairs or services needed. They are as follows…

Q Mechanical Services
Auto repair shop in Port Lincoln, South Australia
Address: 45 Ravendale Rd, Port Lincoln SA 5606
Phone: (08) 8683 1400

Sydney Roller Mower Centre
Lawn mower repair service in Seven Hills, New South Wales
Address: 3/4-6 Artisan Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147
Phone: (02) 9624 3300

General Mowers & Power Equipment
Lawn mower store in Loganholme, Queensland
Address: 4 Chetwynd St, Loganholme QLD 4129
Phone: (07) 3209 6580

Melbourne’s Mower Centre The RedShed Dandenong – Lawn Mowers & Ride on Mowers Melbourne
Lawn mower store in Dandenong South, Victoria
Address: 38 Greens Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175
Phone: (03) 9794 8121

The RedShed Bayswater Arbormaster – Lawn Mowers & Ride on Mowers Melbourne
Lawn mower store in Bayswater, Victoria
Address: 4 Scoresby Rd, Bayswater VIC 3153
Phone: 1300 027 267

The RedShed Cranbourne
Lawn mower store in Cranbourne, Victoria
Address: 215 High Street, Cranbourne VIC 3977
Phone: (03) 5998 4154

The Red Shed – Bunyip
Lawn mower store in Bunyip, Victoria
Address: 1310 Nar Nar Goon-Longwarry Rd, Bunyip VIC 3815
Phone: (03) 5629 5199

The Red Shed – Mitcham
Lawn mower store in Mitcham, Victoria
Address: 238 Mitcham Rd, Mitcham VIC 3132
Phone: (03) 9872 3132

The Big Mower
Lawn mower store in the Winnellie, Northern Territory, Australia
Address: 3 Lee St, Winnellie NT 0820
Phone: (08) 8947 2244

Stihl Shop Hermit Park
Lawn mower store in Hermit Park, Queensland
Address: 184 Charters Towers Rd, Hermit Park QLD 4812
Phone: (07) 4728 8649