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Engel 40 litre fridge/freezer WITH A FREE ENGEL MONEY BOX AND CAP


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Engel 40 Litre fridge / freezer

Engel Portable fridge-freezers have an established reputation in Australia

This is the best Portable Fridge Freezer in world. It is already used by caravanners, campers, four wheel drive enthusiasts and boat owners to name a few well known users of the Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers. In addition many government departments, small and large couriers and trucking companies, health organizations, and food and beverage companies all over the world find this product invaluable in their day to day operations.

They are trusted for their great reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity. Many people have related stories of car rollovers and collisions, units dropping off trucks and utes and still performing. Thousands of units, some built in the 1960’s still operate today keeping food and drink cold or frozen throughout Australia. Engel Portable fridge-freezers have been well known for their range of chest type fridge freezers however they also have a range of built in or freestanding upright units suitable for caravans, camper trailers, motor homes, boats, buses, four wheel drives and wherever else your imagination takes you. These “Uprights” also are powered by the Sawafuji Swing Motor that has been the heart of the Engel Portable fridge range we have grown to trust over many years.

Digital Platinum Series. New User friendly digital controls with built in battery monitor. This unit has all the features, efficiency and reliability you have come to expect from ENGEL , including being powered by the world renowned ‘Sawafuji Swing Motor’. Look for the distinctive Platinum finish at your local MickeyBlu ENGEL retailer.

 A rugged steel casing, steel lid and steel handles which double as tie down points. Now with fixed lid hinges and the optional removable hinge included. Supplied with both cords, the 12 volt cord that plugs straight into your vehicle’s cigarette socket and the 240 volt lead with three pin plug. Auto switching as standard removes the need for the user to switch power sources manually.

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Product Specifications

Name: 40 Litre Chest Fridge / Freezer Digital Platinum Series

Model No:MT45FP

Category:Chest Fridge / Freezer

Capacity:40 Litre (60 X 375ml Cans)

External dimensions::H 508 W 648 D 364 mm

Internal dimensions::H 370 W 380 D 260 mm

Net Weight:24 Kg

DC Power Consumption:Variable from 0.5 to 2.6 AMPS Maximum

Power: Built In 240Volt AC / 12Volt DC / 24Volt

Three Year Warranty

  • Replacement Cords: 12 Volt cord part # JCORD, 240 Volt cord part # KCORD.

NOTE:Please note that the external dimensions do not include the Carry Handles if fitted they increase the width by 50 mm each end.


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