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Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W / 4000W12V-240V Aust Safety Design+ remote control


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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Continuous 2000W/4000W 

12V-240V  Remote Control+ 2.1A USB 

+1 Year Warranty 

Aust safety Input/output isolation double insulation 

  prevent electric shock design

Remote control box1pcs+4.5M cable

The shell specifications:L 46CM x W 24CM x H 10CM


           Shell structure is very important when the inverter drive high power load continuously. Therefore, we increased the cross-sectional area and the aluminum shell length wall thickness so that shell temperature is very low. if the load is the Refrigerator,microwave, bread machine, coffee  achine, oven.These are particularly high power surge ,Can be overloaded to 2400W and Surge of 4000W .This is the best solutions to extend the service life. Low shell internal temperature can improve the efficiency of the inverter.And 2.1 A USB output,Easily make laptops and large-screen mobile phone users find the charging interface.Also, with 4.5 M cable remote control good design make you in the bed of the caravan and ship  can also control the power switch.

Nowadays, there are many small shell false power inverters on the market that its shell temperature become very high when it applies to high power load, The high shell temperature is a sign of power shortage and will causes damages to the inverter, or even damages the load after using few times.

Our product applies temperature control cooling fan energy saving patent technology which can extend the time of output current of the battery and will not turn up the above situation. Buy inverter is a long-term investment. It is a very wise decision to camping with our high quality inverter that provides long lasting current.Dear customer, please do the right decision!

Product details:

Pure sine wave output

3 set of output socket .Each output socket can start 2000 w load
Surge Power: 4000W
Maximum power: 2000W
        Frequency: 50 Hz
No-load current:1.5-2AMP
USB port output: 5V 2.1AMP
Short circuit automatically shut down
Energy saving design Load Controllers Cooling Fan
Soft start and low interference
Total harmonic distortion (THD) <3%
Input voltage range 10-15V DC (12V DC nominal)
Maximum efficiency approx. 90%
Five more protection:
Undervoltage shutdown activation 10.0 Volts
Overvoltage shutdown activation 15.0 Volts
Input voltage alarm: 10.6V DC
Overload protection
Thermal protection: 65 ± 5 ℃
Accessories:cable 2 PCS 

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