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pure sine wave generators

Buy Locally direct and online! Based in Perth Western Australia

MickeyBlu Australia, is a Local Business in Midvale WA built on Promoting FREE CAMPING POWER, we OFFER a wonderful product called Portable PURE SINE WAVE POWER.

Our Flag ship product is our Fully Portable Pure Sine-wave generator 4KVA Generator used for FREE CAMPING running the caravans air conditioner, Microwave, kettle, Toaster, We have all size outputs to give you what you need personally. Generators weigh from 12.5kg, to 55 kg depending on the machines output required.

All our generators are designed with a silenced exhaust system on each machine making these one of the quietest gen-sets on the market today. As quite as normal speech at 5 metres away.

The 4kva comes with a Remote controlled operation at 50m away or a manual start depending on your needs, these come with a 5 or 7 litre tank, Sourced from the same factory that makes Hyundai, a Korean Inverter made by robot.

These units are the best quality I have found to date, they are tried and tested extensively to ensure quality..

Whether at home with power outages, camping, caravaning, motor-home, boating or camper trailers, literally anything, we can provide power to any appliance requiring power in the great outdoors.

Set at an affordable price to sell for everyone’s budget.


MickeyBlu went to the Hyundai Korean factory in China to watch and film our generators being built under strict quality control. This video can be viewed by logging onto youtube under MickeyBlu generators and watching the video yourself.

They are designed to have a stronger inverter due to our Aussie heat and being a enclosed frame, the previous ebay sourced generators on the market were only good for 3 months or less. The INVERTER is the HEART of the generator, if that fails so does your machine.

Why did we do that? You can be rest assured once you have purchased a MickeyBlu Generator you would be drama free, as I call it. With Parts in stock, and service technicians as a precaution, we all aim to give the customer the best before and after sales assurance.Every Generator is tested under load for 2-3 hours as a pre- delivered precaution to ensure quality, These come fully oiled with fuel.Every Generator you purchase from my company comes with my company details where we can be contacted Australia Wide.


Over the many years we extended our range with the finest designed and quality built Roof top tents.
4wd Canvas Awnings with hard wall zip on change rooms.
A hugh selection of Portable or Fixed solar panel kits,The range we have are 40,w 80w, 100w, 120w, 140w, 160w, 240w. including mounting brackets, wiring cables everything can be installed on the premises by my qualified Auto Electricians.
We offer a complete range of Engel Fridge freezers combis.
Bosch deep cycle batteries.
Pure Sine wave inverters.
We have a huge range of LED light bars, where we purchase and test each and every product you see on display, we seek, No: 1 Quality, No 2, Price comparison and No: 3 Parts and warranty.

At MickeyBlu Australia we believe in sales and most importantly after sales service. A satisfied customer(s) is the best marketing you can ever have including personal service and delivery.

. Communication easily and effective.

. Honesty and integrity.

Buying local, buys satisfaction.

For more information on anything you have read please call Mick or his friendly customer service staff (08) 9274 0661 or my mobile 0438 929 894

Drop by our STORE for the best prices in WA!! – Unit 1, No 5 Farrall Road, Midvale, WA 6056


Remember the name Mickey WHO MickeyBlu….