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$1,999 $1,799

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Product Description

2017 Model Roof Top Tents With Skylights and Diamond Chequer Plate, Drop Down Annex & Telescopic Ladder!

MickeyBlu Australia has a great addition to camping keeping you high and dry.

MickeyBlu Australia’s Next shipment of BRAND NEW Roof top tents have arrived instore..

FOR $1799 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent with skylight and diamond chequer plate on the bases, Di-cast fittings used,

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor with rear 4×4 access.


Check out these other Roof Top Tent options and save Hundreds

FOR $1999 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

– 2.5 x 2 meter Awning.

FOR $2099 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

– 2.5 x 2 meter Awning.

– Mosquito Net for Awning

FOR $2399 YOU GET:

– A top quality MickeyBlu Rooftop Tent

– Rooftop Tent Annex and waterproof zip on floor

– Change Room for Awning

-2.5 x 2m 4×4 side canvas awning


We also have a full range of top quality canvas awnings with free installation to your roof rack ranging from 2 x 2.5m, 2.5 x 2m and our latest off the rear 1.7m x 2m awning.

For more comfort on the road while camping why not invest in one of our top quality MickeyBlu mosquito nets, available in 2.5x2m, 2x 2.5, includes, fully enclosed changeroom 4×4 attachments. These attach directly to your awning. As per the picture buy as a package and save.

Separate Extendable ladders 2.6m and 3.2m instore.

This is our 5th container as people like the quality and price we strive to meet anyones prices.

We even have a huge range of Roof racks, Rhino racks, Basket racks, Roof top tent racks, to fit MOST VEHICLES.


When you Buy local you know you are in good hands, see it before you buy it, we are based in Perth/Midvale and offer a very high standard , Superb quality rooftop tent and packages.

These Rooftop tent sleeps 2 easily and comfortably WITH an extendable telescopic ladder extendable if needed to 2.6metres,making it easy to open and close in minutes.

At MickeyBlu we tried many competitors Roof top tents, as a reseller so to speak.

After hearing feedback from customer about what they all missed in a range of things we decided over 24 months ago to just design and build our own, replacing the bits that the others missed.Built to our Australian conditions, under extreme weather, Rain, sun, wind and heat these have been tested in 50mm of rain, including 70km side on winds.

To ensure strength and ultimately durability, we use zinc alloy not plastic, double eyelets not single, Added strength in the base using aluminium, Full canvas not polycotton , come with a ziplock soft floor, great to take pets along.

A zip up attachment to enter the rear of your car easily, accessing the fridge.

Zip down windows for added privacy and security.

These MickeyBlu Roof top tents have been sold to multiple customers in the NT and NTH WA.

Get ready for your next vacation away, going camping in comfort, safety off the ground and security from other campers.

For more information on any of these products please email or call 08 9724 0661

Find these instore on display at unit1/5 Farrall Road Midvale

Check us out online … Mickeyblu Australia

THIS NEW 1.45M wide x 3.1M long x 1.45 high  ROOF TOP TENT 4WD 4X4 CAMPING LADDER INCLUDED is a great addition to fit any vehicle.

I have had one of these units on my landcruiser for the past 3 years and absolutely love it, why, you can have a easy to install, easy to open up and use in minutes, gets you off the ground safely with an attached 2.6m extendable ladder and is fully water proof, with many windows for air circulation, this roof top can sleep 2 adults and 1 child.With an additional side skirt reaching 2.4M  from top to bottom giving you a full change room and privacy ideal for your next trips out in the great outdoors.

MY LATEST DESIGNED EXTENDABLE LADDER REACH TO A LENGTH OF 3.2m. This is designed if you have a lift kit on your 4wd.

My store always has one on full display so you can see , feel and climb in to see how comfortable and large in space these great units are.

With a price set to sell what are you waiting for.

Item can also be  delivered direct to you .

Our store address is 1/5 Farrall Road Midvale WA 08 92740661