Products » Portable Petrol Generators » 3.5KvA PORTABLE PETROL, PURE SINE WAVE , Find us at our new store 1/5 Farrall Road Midvale WA 08 92740661

3.5KvA PORTABLE PETROL, PURE SINE WAVE , Find us at our new store 1/5 Farrall Road Midvale WA 08 92740661

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MickeyBlu Australia has teamed up with the a range of stores now show casing my great generator range stores include.
Buy direct from MickeyBlu 1/5 Farrall Road Midvale WA 92740661 (08)

Together with a quality factory like Hyundai offering you the most competitive priced unit in the Inverter Generator market today.
 We recently introduced this latest and most innovative machine ever made the MB HD4400. This machine satisfies your needs offering 2 x 10 amp/15 amp 240v power attachments when you are out and about.
For all domestic and commercial powering needs ,excellent for camping ,caravanning ,fishing, tradesmen and even blackouts are taken care of.
These offer the Pure Sine Wave inverter technology making it possible to run sensitive equipment like laptops, microwaves,televisions. Also comes with a  free Direct Current cable for all 12v appliances and car battery charging options.
These are all the basic feature of the MB HD4400.Basic meaning easy to operate easy to maintain, easy to take with you anywhere you go.
Why is a rated 4.4kva so cheap , here at MickeyBlu we keep the prices low to watch the products go.
Lowest noise
Check out our hottest 2017 model MB4400 Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator. Our
upgraded model uses the latest technology that ensure the machine puts out the
lowest noise compare to other similar Generator in the market. Noise rating of 57dB
from 5 Meters makes you forget that it is running at the back.
Low Fuel Consumption
Equip with latest fuel saving technology make it possible to run more than 7 Hours
on a single tank on economy mode. 5 hours under full load.
Compact Design
Introducing the most compact design ever built by MickeyBlu thanks to more
than 15 years of Nanotech research. These 2017 MB4400 models are lighter and slimmer in design.
Easy to carry and store away fro future use.
Tested on caravans running at the same time your fridge/freezer,Microwave,Lights, Air-conditioner,Electric hotplates with room to spare.
Due to the built in sine wave inverter these literally make the unit quieter and lighter then previous models.
  • Max AC output: 3.5KVA @ cos 0.8
  • Rated Continuous AC output: 3.2 KVA @ 0.8 cos
  • Rated Voltage: 240V
  • DC output Voltage: 12V
  • DC output Current: 8A
  • AC outlet: Double 12/15 amp both
  • DC outlet: single ‘T’ Type
  • Dimension: 565 x 320 x 470
  • Weight: 28kg
Engine Specs
  • Model: MM4500Y13
  • Type: Air-cooled, 4 cycle,
  • OHV, Gasoline Engine
  • Displacement: 149cc
  • Engine Speed: 5500rpm
  • Ignition Mode: T.C.I
  • Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.1 liters
  • Oil Capacity: 1.0 Liter
  • Spark Plug: A7RTC or
  • CR5HSB (NGK)
  • Noise Level: 58dB/5m
Product ideal of running:
  • Coffee Machine
  • Power Tools
  • Caravan/Motorhome Air conditioner
  • Kettle
  • Camping Fridges
  • Cooktop
  • Battery Charger
  • Laptop
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Mobile phones
The warranty 12 months on these units includes all parts and labour.
We’ve sold hundreds of these and have service agents nationwide for after sales support.
These units are always on display as demos ready to start up to show you
Videos of these machine in operation have been taken and on my website now.
Remember the name Mickey WHO MickeyBlu



100% Pure Sine Wave – Tested with sensitive equipment
Dual Australian Approved weather proof 15Amp AC outlets
Single 12V DC 8.3Amp outlet. (Free DC Cable)
Super Quiet – 58Db@7m
8 hours (economy mode)
Computerized overload protection
Low oil/ tip over protection
5 Litre fuel capacity
Economy mode option – Fuel efficiency
Super easy recoil start
RCM Australian standard Approvals
Easy service – 2m oil change
Automatic output adjustment
12 months warranty

Dimensions & Weight

Dimension: 565×320×470
Weight: 28KG

Wanting to save money on buying a Pure sine wave generator, giving you a constant 3000w, more then capable of running your caravans airconditioner, microwave, charge your 12v batteries.

We have sourced these units from the same factory as hyundai Korea in China giving you a tried tested oiled and fuelled machine offering a 12 month warranty.