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Product Description

Mobile task force: Bosch batteries for leisure and lighting

Owners of trailers, mobile homes and boats particularly love their independence and the proximity to nature. At the same time, comfort and safety are needed. Air conditioning, television, navigation, and other electrical devices have to be supplied reliably. Bosch therefore offers batteries tailored to the particular requirements of mobile applications: with high capacity, exceptional deep-cycle resistance, the highest levels of safety and operational reliability.

The L6 Deep Cycle AGM from Bosch is reliable and multi-talented, particularly when many electrical devices need to be supplied with energy.

The L6 also features first-class AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. Here, the electrolyte is held entirely in an absorbent glass mat.

This means that the Bosch L6 has five to six times higher cycle resistance than conventional batteries, and can be recharged quickly.

This guarantees the highest quality for demanding applications:

Very high deep-cycle resistance – 600 to 700 charge and discharge cycles
Completely maintenance-free and leakproof
Suitable for use on a seasonal basis
High energy output means it is suitable as a combined battery for starting and for supply
Very safe due to flame trap and labyrinth cover which feeds condensed water back into the battery

In the case of mobile applications with long-term energy requirements, standard batteries are quickly overtaxed. The L5 from Bosch with Deep Cycle technology fulfills the highest requirements for a high-performance supply battery: Comfort and safety.

Thanks to its high deep-cycle resistance and power density, it enables you to run a large number of electrical devices.


Twice as many charge and discharge cycles as conventional batteries
Completely maintenance-free
Leakproof and tilt-proof up to 55°
Suitable for mobile use due to high charge acceptance and minimal self-discharge
Very safe due to flame trap and labyrinth cover which feeds condensed water back into the battery